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Enjoy The Magic of Bernard's Landing at Smith Mountain Lake.

Smith Mountain Lake covers 22,000 acres, many winding, spinning little rivers, complete the lake. Smith Mountain itself is 7 miles long, and in its crevice is the dam that was built in the early 1960's.

There are many features at Bernard's Landing that make it a great entertaining place to be, however the main feature is where it is located on the lake.  It is the centerpiece, hands down, no argument. Every step you take here within the 78 acres is spectacularly beautiful.  Often when people like yourself are coming here to stay, they get in a little late the first night, and the sun has long gone down. The next morning they get up and are mesmerized just looking out the window, then they end up sitting on their decks, coffee in hand, still in pj's for hours, no television, radio, cell phones, just looking at the incredible view.

Every home here is on the water, because Bernard's Landing is a peninsula. It is located in the widest part of the lake, which is one of the reasons for its magical beauty. When you ride by on a boat, you will see some cedar clad buildings wrapped around the shoreline, and it looks nice, but no one gets Bernard's Landing until you are actually here, sitting on your deck or looking out the window. Every year, Bernard's Landing plays host to a number of outdoor weddings.  Each couple keeping their photographers busy with all of the amazing location options.

When you stay here, you enjoy all of the amenities such as the pools, outdoor, indoor, spa, racquetball, basketball, tennis, volleyball, and the beach. You can also fish off of the docks if you like. A license is required, but you can pick that up nearby. You can rent a boat, explore the lake from one end to the other, island hopping  along the way.

At Smith Mountain Lake It's All About...
A lot of people come to Smith Mountain Lake without realizing there are over 500 miles of shoreline!  Unfamiliar with the area they may rent a house somewhere in the middle of nowhere!  Just because it is on the water, doesn't mean you can buy a gallon of milk by running down the road.  From some locations, it can take a couple of hours just to go get a few groceries.  Bernard's Landing is just down the road from Westlake, which has an over-sized  Kroger Grocery, Movie Theater, Miniature Golf, Restaurants, and so much more.  Even though we enjoy some fantastic weather here at Smith Mountain Lake, we do get the occasional rain, which can make enjoying your deck a little tricky.  When you check in you will be given a local guide of fun things to do and places to go while you are here. We are looking forward to helping you plan your escape to the lake!

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